United Learning Summer Camp

United Learning Summer Camp

The United Learning Summer Camp offers an affordable summer learning experience to students in grades K-8. The  overarching goal of the United Learning Summer Camp is to provide a fun and engaging educational experience for campers through a combination of on-site activities and interactive field trips. Each camp weeks feature field learning at various relevant organizations and businesses related to the week’s theme at no extra cost. We strive to provide a camp that fosters academic interest and helps students to develop the social and scholastic skills they need to thrive year round. Camps run 9:00am – 4:00pm daily.

Tech Power: STEM Camp for Girls
(Grades 3-6) June 11-15, 2018

The Tech Power STEM Camp for Girls will empower girls in grades 3-6 to build on their education in the field of STEM through an interactive educational curriculum. Campers will learn important STEM concepts through a variety of fun and engaging on and off-site activities in the areas of computer science, robotics, mathematics, engineering and more. STEAM Teacher at Semple Elementary,, Penelope Quesada, will lead the camp 

Cooking with Courage Culinary Camp
(Grades 4-8) June 18-22, 2018

During this week-long interactive camp, campers will explore fun and nutritious recipes as well are gain a better understanding of how the food we choose affects our community. Campers will visit local community gardens to source ingredients as well as hear from community leaders about how are food choices make a larger impact.

Community Changemakers – FULL! (e-mail klitanga@uchmlouky.org to be added to the wait list)
(Grades K-3) June 25-29, 2018

UCHM has been leading in the community since 1974 through its programming in the areas of senior citizens, emergency assistance, and youth. The Community Changemakers camp will explore the various ways in which youth can make a difference in their community through service. The service-oriented curriculum will incorporate activities in the areas of math, science, art, and reading, as well explore how to use our knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in our community.

Louisville Love! Exploring the City’s Past, Present and Future
(Grades 4-8) July 9-13, 2018

The Louisville Love! Camp will take campers on a week-long exploration of the city’s history, with particular focus on civil rights leaders from the Louisville area. Campers will learn about current ways in which Louisville continues to be a compassionate city, and discover ways they can make a difference in our city. Campers will engage in interactive learning through activities trips throughout the week.

Read! Discover! Imagine!
(Grades K-3)  July 16-20, 2018 

The Read! Discover! Imagine! Camp will build on campers’ literacy skills to develop their interest and abilities in reading comprehension and writing. Together campers will practice literacy skills through assisted reading activities, group projects, imagination games, field trips, and hands-on storytelling.

The World Through Our Eyes: Visual Arts Camp
(Grades K-3) July 23-27, 2018

The World Through Our Eyes summer camp will hone in on campers artistic skills and interest to further knowledge in a variety of visual art mediums including drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, and graphic design. The camp will offer lessons from local artists in order to offer a diverse and collaborative hands-on experience in the field of visual arts. The week will include field trips to community art projects and organizations.

To apply, click the link below. We are not able to accept payment online at this time. Please mail or deliver payment to United Crescent Hill Ministries at 150 South State Stree, Louisville KY 40206. Include name of student with your payment. You can also download the 2018 application and e-mail to Katie Litanga at klitanga@uchmlouky.org or deliver to UCHM (150 South State Street, Lou. KY 40206).